Empirical parameterisation and dynamical analysis of the allometric Rosenzweig-MacArthur equations 

J.C. McKerral, M. Kleshnina, V. Ejov, L. Bartle, J.G. Mitchell and J.A. Filar


Published in PLOS One, 2023, pdf

Shifts in evolutionary balance of microbial phenotypes under environmental changes

M. Kleshnina, J.C. McKerral, C. Gonzales-Tokman, J.A. Filar and J.G. Mitchell

Published in Royal Society Open Science, 2022, pdf

Where do mistakes lead? A survey of games with incompetent players

T. Graham, M. Kleshnina, and J.A. Filar 

Published in Dynamic Games and Applications, 2022, pdf 

Mistakes can stabilise the dynamics of rock-paper-scissors games

M. Kleshnina, S. Streipert, J.A. Filar and K. Chatterjee

Published in PLOS Computational Biology, 2021, pdf

Prioritised Learning in Snowdrift-type Games

M. Kleshnina, S. Streipert , J.A. Filar and K. Chatterjee

Published in Mathematics, 2020, Featured on the cover of the issue, pdf

Evolutionary games under incompetence

M. Kleshnina, J.A. Filar, V. Ejov and J.C. McKerral, 

Published in the Journal of Mathematical Biology, 2018, pdf

Work in progress (submitted and in preparation)

The effect of environmental information on cooperation in stochastic games

M. Kleshnina, C. Hilbe, K. Chatterjee and M. Nowak

Pre-print available, pdf

Optimal sharing in social dilemmas

M. Staab, M. Kleshnina, V. Huebner, C. Hilbe and K. Chatterjee

Pre-print available, pdf

Being categorical or flexible? Decision-making rule that facilitates cooperation

M. Kleshnina, M. Staab, K. Grosch, N. Glynatsi and K. Chatterjee

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Misperceiving bad news: the effect of feedback on task motivation and belief updating

S. Fischer, K. Grosch, M. Kleshnina, M. Staab

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Efficiency and sustainability of cooperation in asymmetric public good games

V. Huebner, M. Kleshnina, M. Staab, C. Hilbe and K. Chatterjee

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